Executives in Residence

Connecting UIC innovators to industry experts.

Calling all UIC researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs! The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Innovation is piloting a new program to help you advance your work. Through the Executives in Residence (XIR) program, faculty can connect and consult with expert industry executives.

Why participate in Executives in Residence?

  • Connects UIC’s leading innovators to companies, investors, and advisors
  • Provides business insights, market trends and strategies, and technology development consultation
  • Facilitates learning through special interest presentations and discussions
  • Advances thinking and research through mentoring and input
  • Increases likelihood of discovery moving to market with lasting impact
  • Opens the door to industry partnerships and startup opportunities

This program benefits UIC and industry partners seeking our research and innovations. To start, the program will focus on medical devices and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Over the 6-month pilot program, our industry partners will dedicate 2-4 hours per week to work with UIC inventors and entrepreneurs to advance innovation and technology commercialization.

Applications are not currently being accepted.