Photo of Bode, Martina

Martina Bode, PhD

Clinical Professor

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Dr. Bode is a clinical professor and director of Calculus in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. After being on the faculty at Northwestern University for 15 years, she began her position at UIC in 2015 as the director of Calculus.

During her first two years at UIC, she was also a part of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Communities. This inspired her to integrate active learning in the 120-150 student Calculus classes. In 2015, she initiated a Learning Assistant program. Learning Assistants are undergraduate students that help inside and outside the classroom. The program has grown to over 50 Learning Assistants in Mathematics. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, all Calculus I classes were taught in the new active learning classrooms on the university's east campus. Success, as well as retention, rates were at their highest as a result of coordination and active learning efforts. The Learning Assistant Program has grown even more during the pandemic. The core of the program is now moved to the smaller discussion sections where students are working and presenting problems in smaller groups.

In addition to her work in the department, Dr. Bode co-chairs the ITLC Educational Technology committee and the provost’s assessment committee. She is also a member of the LAS Faculty Advisory Committee.

Martina Bode completed her undergraduate education in Essen, Germany, and received her PhD in mathematics at Brandeis University.